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Qingdao Sainuo Class - Plastic modification

Qingdao Sainuo Class - Plastic modification


Plastic modification is to improve or increase the function of general purpose resin through physical, chemical and mechanical methods, in electric, magnetic, light, heat, aging resistance, flame retardant, mechanical properties and other aspects to achieve the use of special environmental conditions. From the production of raw materials resin to various specifications and varieties of modified plastic masterbatch, plastic modification technology exists in order to reduce the cost and improve the functionality of plastic products. Plastic modification can be divided into physical modification and chemical modification. 

What is the purpose of the modification?

The purposes of plastic surface modification can be divided into two main categories: one is the direct application of modification, the other is the indirect application of modification.

(1)Direct applied surface modification of plastics refers to some modifications that can be applied directly, There are surface gloss, surface hardness, surface wear resistance and friction, surface anti-aging, surface flame retardant, surface conductivity and surface barrier. The modification of plastic surface has been developed and applied quickly in recent years, for example, the surface barrier modification plays an important role in plastic barrier modification.

(2) Surface modification of plastics for indirect application refers to some modifications which lay the foundation for direct application. for example, in order to improve the adhesion, printing and lamination of plastic surface tension modification. For example, in the case of plastic electroplating, no surface treatment of plastic varieties only ABS coating fastness can meet the requirements; In particular, polyolefin plastic varieties, coating fastness is very low, surface modification must be carried out to improve the bond fastness with the coating, can be electroplating. 

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