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Introduction of coupling agent

Introduction of coupling agent


What is a Coupling agent? Coupling agent is a kind of material with amphoteric structure. Some of its molecular groups can react with chemical groups on the surface of inorganic materials to form chemical bond; The other group can react with organic molecules or produce strong intermolecular interaction, which can combine two materials with different properties. Since most of the coupling agents have chemical effects on the surface treatment of the filler, the effect is very good and the dispersion of the inorganic filler in the polymer matrix can be effectively improved, improving the mechanical and service properties of filled polymer materials. Next Qingdao Sainuo will take you to understand the coupling agent often used in production and its application briefly. 

1. Silane coupling agent

Silane coupling agent is so called because its central atom is silicon (Si) , its molecular structure is: R-Si-X3, Formula R for hydrophobic groups, such as vinyl, epoxy, amino, methacrylate, sulfate, etc.  Its addition amount is generally about 1% of the filler.

2. Titanate coupling agent

According to the different structure of titanate coupling agents, they can be divided into four types: monoalkoxy type, monoalkoxy pyrophosphate type, integrated type and coordination type. The amount of titanate is usually 0.5% of the filler.

Matrix : Titanate coupling agents are widely used and have good coupling effects in Thermoplastic, thermosetting polymer, rubber and other filler systems.

Filler: Titanate coupling agents can be used to treat various inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, barium sulfate and Aluminum hydroxide. 

3. Aluminate coupling agent

Aluminate coupling agenthas the characteristics of light color, innocuity and convenient application. Its heat stability is better than titanate coupling agent, and its price is only half of titanate coupling agent. Aluminate coupling agent is beneficial to increase the filling amount of the system, reduce the viscosity of the filling system effectively, and improve the processability of the resin. 

The dosage of aluminate coupling agent is 0.3 ~ 1.0% of the quality of the filler used in the filling system, and about 1.0% of the filler used in the injection or extrusion of polyethylene hard products. For other craft products, soft products and foaming products, the dosage is 0.3-0.5% of the filler. 

The intermediate content of Qingdao Sainuo Aluminate coupling agent is 10-12% , mainly used for powder coating treatment, reduce viscosity, reduce die wear, increase capacity flow, good internal lubrication.

4. Other coupling agents

Zirconium coupling agent. The coupling agent can not only promote the combination of inorganic and organic compounds, but also improve the performance of the filler system. Its characteristics are that the viscosity of the filler system can be significantly reduced and the interaction between the filler particles can be suppressed, therefore, the dispersibility of fillers in the system is improved and the amount of fillers is increased. It has good modification effect on calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, alumina, titanium oxide and clay, and is mainly used in polyolefin, polyester, epoxy, synthetic rubber and other polymer filling systems.

5. Compound coupling agent

Aluminum-titanium coupling agent. The use of aluminum instead of some of the central atoms in the coupling agent reduces the content of titanium, which has a higher price, and reduces the cost. It has the characteristics of both titanium and aluminum coupling agents, and its coupling effect is better than that of titanate, aluminate and their simple mixture. 

Aluminate zirconate coupling agent. This kind of coupling agent is the oligomer of the organic complex containing aluminum and zirconium elements. The coupling agent of alumino-zirconate has the characteristics of low price (about half of that of silane coupling agent) , good application effect (with good hydrolytic stability) and good thermal stability.

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