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Sainuo additive, co-developed with 5G

Sainuo additive, co-developed with 5G


5G communication cannot be separated from modified plastics, which can be said to be the core material necessary for 5G technology. Meanwhile, the high-frequency and high-speed transmission of 5G makes modified plastics with low dielectric constant a new modification trend, and the modification of plastics cannot be separated from the following additives.

1. Low dielectric glass fiber

2. Low dielectric packing

3. Lubricant

4. High dielectric packing

5. Low dielectric flame retardants

6. Anti-aging agent

7. Low dielectric toughening agent

The material industry has also ushered in a new era of 5G, and hardware carriers such as mobile phones, base stations, Internet of things and automobiles at the application end will all have more demands and higher requirements for 5G new materials.

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