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Sainuo Technology Research Institute

Sainuo Technology Research Institute


Continuous technological progress is the biggest driving force for the continuous progress and development of enterprises. In order to ensure technological leadership, Sainuo Group has invested a large amount of funds to register and establish the "Sainuo New Materials Research Institute". Led by a doctoral degree, with a master's degree and professional engineers as the main technical team, equipped with specialized testing instruments and processing experimental equipment, Sainuo Group conducts targeted testing research and formula product validation experiments, Strive for a complete restoration of the entire process of product processing, so that every product produced by Sainuo can withstand rigorous production and application testing, and meet customers' requirements for product safety and stability to the greatest extent.

Qingdao Sainuo Technology Research Institute, relying on the years of research, development, production, and application experience of Qingdao Sainuo Group in the fields of lubrication dispersant additives and plastic processing, focuses on building a service platform that focuses on the lubrication dispersant industry chain, and creates an innovative industry chain service platform that integrates industry university research cooperation, industry chain cooperation, technical training, testing and analysis, and achievement transformation. We have over 30 sets of precision testing instruments, over 40 full-time researchers, and a nearly 6000 square meter innovation and entrepreneurship platform.

The Institute has more than 40 full-time researchers, forming a research and development team led by Mount Taishan scholars, overseas distinguished experts, university experts and industrial chain technicians.

The research institute pays special attention to exploring and improving new mechanisms for cooperation between industry, academia, research, and industrial chain, with over 30 sets of precision instruments such as infrared, DCS, TGA, and laser particle size analyzer; We have nearly 6000 square meters of entrepreneurship and innovation platforms, including Qingdao Expert Workstation, Qingdao Technology Innovation Center, School Enterprise Joint Laboratory, Incubation Platform, and Pilot Maturation Base.

Please trust Sainuo, the research institute will develop better products and provide excellent quality feedback to new and old customers!

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