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The first day of Sainuo Chinaplas

The first day of Sainuo Chinaplas


The Chinaplas is already in full swing. On the first day, the exhibition was packed with people, including the R&D team, application technology team, and market service team of Sainuo Group. We sincerely welcome all colleagues to come to booth H15 J63. We have over 100 products(pe wax, ope wax, pp wax, EBS and other lubricant dispersant ) and over 1000 rubber and plastic applications. Come to Sano booth and have a chat, and you will have a great harvest!

Next, let me introduce the star products of this exhibition to you:

1. PE wax 9079W

Lubrication+dispersion effect, suitable for filling products with a filling amount of over 85%, which can meet the dispersion of fillers and product toughness during the processing.

Application field

White masterbatch, transparent filling masterbatch, low density masterbatch

2. Odorless wax 128

Low odor, almost odorless, more suitable for use in the field of sanitary food that is sensitive to odor; Low thermal weight loss, 50% lower than similar products. The dispersion performance is equivalent to imported 2040, A wax, and 6A.

Application  field

High concentration color masterbatch, high filling masterbatch, PVC soft adhesive granulation, metallurgical injection, and hygiene food fields

3. PE wax 9010 flake

(1) High melting point, high transparency, balanced lubrication and dispersion performance, low smoke emission, can alleviate environmental pressure.

(2) No precipitation, ensuring continuous production cycle during the processing process and avoiding frequent shutdowns.

(3) It can meet the requirements for dispersion of fillers and product toughness during the processing process.

Application field

High end filling masterbatch, hot melt adhesive, road marking paint, color masterbatch, PVC profiles, plates, pipes

4. Coupling agent

(1) Easy to use powder, suitable for automatic measurement;

(2) Good thermal stability;

(3) High binding force, high activation efficiency, good pre-treatment effect on powder, suitable for high filling and high mesh filler coating treatment, increasing the amount of inorganic powder added, and reducing formula cost.

Application field

Color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, plastic, rubber additives, etc

5. Ethylene bis-stearamide (EBS)

High whiteness, low acid value, low free acid content, more complete reaction, fewer low molecular weight substances, and low probability of precipitation;  Resistant to yellowing and excellent heat resistance, suitable for processing engineering plastics such as PS, ABS, PET, PC, PA, etc. at higher temperatures.

Application field

Phenolic resin, rubber, asphalt, powder coating, pigment, ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, engineering plastic modification, coloring, glass fiber reinforcement, flame retardant and toughening, etc.

6. Bright dispersant

(1) It has good wetting and coating properties for pigments, making them highly dispersed and greatly improving the compatibility of system components, promoting plasticization, reducing melt strength, improving processing flowability, improving production efficiency, and giving products a high surface glossiness.

(2) It has a good dispersion effect on pearlescent pigments, metal pigments, and carbon black, enhances the metal texture, and has a good dispersion effect on carbon black, phthalocyanine blue, and phthalocyanine green, improving the pre dispersion effect of the product. It integrates multiple functions such as lubrication, dispersion, coupling, and brightness.

Application field

Pearlescent pigments, metal pigments, carbon black, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, masterbatch, nylon

The R&D team, application technology team, and market service team of Sainuo Group sincerely welcome all colleagues to visit Sainuo booth 15J63.

For more details, please consult us!

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