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The function of polyethylene wax in printing ink

The function of polyethylene wax in printing ink


An ink is a homogeneous mixture of pigments (such as solid components such as organic pigments and dyes) , binders (vegetable oils, resins or water, solvents, the liquid components of the ink) , fillers, additives (plasticizers, desiccants, Surfactant, dispersants) , etc. 

Classification of printing ink

Mainly resin-based inks, solvent-based inks, water-based inks and UV curable inks.

1. resin-based inks

There are four common ones: acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane, and Phenol formaldehyde resin.

2. solvent-based inks

3. Water-based ink. Water-based ink using solvent is water, environmental protection, does not affect human health, not easy to burn. High temperature resistance, wear resistance, water resistance, it is especially suitable for food, drink, medicine and other packaging and printing materials, is environmentally friendly printing materials, is the only printing ink in line with the FDA certification. 

When polyethylene wax is used in water-based inks, ope wax is usually used in emulsions or dispersed in acrylic resins. Oxidized polyethylene wax improves its hydrophilicity to some extent. In the water-based ink to join the wax emulsion, can reduce the ink in the packaging silk head too long, pigment deposition caking, ink film thickness. 

4. UV curable inks

Manufacturing process

Ink manufacturing process can be divided into two stages of mixing pre-dispersion and grinding fine dispersion. In the former, the pigments and binders are mixed in a container to form a slurry; in the latter, the slurry still needs to be finely ground and dispersed to overcome the cohesion of the pigments with greater mechanical pressure and shearing force, the resulting ink is a colloidal suspension.

The function of pe wax in printing ink 

1. The addition of 1%-3% polyethylene wax in ink can change the ink fluidity, reduce the viscosity of the system;

2. It can improve the smoothness, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of the ink, and improve the dispersibility of the pigment.

3, It can also improve the hydrophilicity, speed up fixation, so that printing dot integrity;

4. At the same time, reduce the caking, plucking hair, get dirty and other abuses, and the printing performance of the ink is improved.

5. Polyethylene wax can be dispersed by organic solvent, emulsified in water and made into micropowder wax with suitable particle size.

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