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The Tg of hot melt adhesive is directly related to the low temperature properties of the adhesive. Below Tg, the adhesive is brittle and easy to break when it is impacted or bent. The Tg of EVA in hot melt adhesive is low, but the Tg of tackifying resin and wax is generally high. According to polymer physics, if the components are compatible, the Tg of the mixed system lies between the high and low Tg of the components, which is determined by the mixing ratio; If the systems are incompatible, several Tg’s may occur.

Hot melt adhesive is the same, high molecular weight polyethylene wax and EVA compatibility is often not good, and synthetic wax, paraffin wax and microcrystalline wax and Eva compatibility is good. The addition of soft microcrystalline wax will cause the Tg of hot melt adhesive to rise slightly, while the synthetic wax with high melting point will cause the Tg of hot melt adhesive to rise greatly. If you want to make hot melts Tg lower, you should also try to use Tg low tackifying resin.

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