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What is special color masterbatch

What is special color masterbatch


Special color masterbatch is for the user-specified for the product of plastic varieties, choose the same plastic as the carrier produced by the color masterbatch. For example: ABS color masterbatch, the carrier is ABS, HDPE color masterbatch, the carrier is HDPE, PP color masterbatch, and the carrier is PP. Its advantages are many, roughly as follows:

pe wax for color masterbatch

1. High economic efficiency

Since the heat resistance grade of the selected pigments is targeted, matching can also be requested in terms of coloring, and the basic pigments can be selected very accurately, The manufacturing cost of color masterbatch can be reduced because the price to users is also lower.

2. The anticipation of color match is good

The user can select the color type from the color spectrum of the International Pigment Company, and then order the masterbatch of the predetermined color type to color the product. The coloring of the same masterbatch is often blind. Coloring with a dedicated masterbatch is highly targeted in effect. For the production of advanced plastic products, the anticipation of color matching is very important. 

3. Used in engineering plastics to ensure the strength of products

For example, the ABS color masterbatch, the international pigment company uses the highest impact-resistant ABS as the carrier for general ABS coloring, and the impact strength will not decrease.

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