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Fischer Tropsch Wax: An Essential Component in High-quality Wood Coatings

by:Sainuo     2023-10-05

Fischer Tropsch Wax: An Essential Component in High-quality Wood Coatings


Wood has been a primary material for various applications, from furniture to construction. It adds warmth and elegance to any space, but ensuring its longevity and protection requires high-quality coatings. One crucial component that enhances the performance of wood coatings is Fischer Tropsch wax. This article explores the significance of Fischer Tropsch wax in high-quality wood coatings, outlining its unique properties, advantages, and compatibility with different coating formulations.

Understanding Fischer Tropsch Wax

Fischer Tropsch wax, often abbreviated as FT wax, is a synthetic hydrocarbon wax derived from the Fischer Tropsch process, which converts carbon monoxide and hydrogen into longer-chain hydrocarbons. It is primarily composed of straight-chain alkanes, with a carbon chain length typically ranging from C20 to C50.

1. Properties of Fischer Tropsch Wax

Fischer Tropsch wax exhibits several unique attributes that make it an ideal component in wood coatings:

a. High Melting Point:

FT wax possesses a relatively high melting point, usually between 60掳C and 95掳C. This characteristic helps enhance the hardness and durability of the coating by raising its resistance to heat and external stressors.

b. Controlled Viscosity:

Compared to natural waxes, FT wax offers better control over viscosity. Manufacturers can easily adjust the wax content to achieve the desired viscosity for specific coating applications, ensuring a smooth and even finish on the wood surface.

c. Oxidative Stability:

One of the key advantages of FT wax is its high oxidative stability. It resists oxidization and degradation caused by exposure to heat, oxygen, and UV radiation, which helps maintain the coating's integrity and prevents discoloration or surface defects.

2. Enhancing Coating Performance

In wood coatings, Fischer Tropsch wax plays a crucial role in improving various aspects of performance:

a. Scratch and Abrasion Resistance:

Due to its high melting point and hardness, FT wax enhances the scratch and abrasion resistance of wood coatings. When applied to the surface, the wax forms a protective layer that minimizes the impact of daily wear and tear, preserving the wood's beauty for an extended period.

b. Water Repellency:

FT wax possesses hydrophobic properties, making it an excellent water repellent. When incorporated into wood coatings, it creates a barrier that reduces water penetration, preventing swelling, warping, or decay caused by moisture absorption.

c. Gloss and Clarity:

FT wax can enhance the gloss and clarity of wood coatings. It acts as a leveling agent and surface modifier, ensuring an even distribution of additives and fillers throughout the coating. This results in a smoother, glossier finish that enhances the wood's natural beauty.

3. Compatibility with Different Coating Formulations

Fischer Tropsch wax exhibits excellent compatibility with diverse coating formulations, making it a versatile choice for manufacturers. Its compatibility extends to various coating systems, including solvent-borne, water-borne, and radiation-curable formulations.

a. Solvent-Borne Coatings:

FT wax can be easily incorporated into solvent-based wood coatings, providing excellent dispersion and stability. It helps improve the leveling, gloss, and durability of the coating while preventing settling of pigments and other additives.

b. Water-Borne Coatings:

As the industry moves towards more sustainable practices, water-borne coatings have gained popularity. Fortunately, FT wax proves compatible with these systems as well. It can be dispersed evenly in water-based formulations without compromising the coating's performance or appearance.

c. Radiation-Curable Coatings:

Radiation-curable coatings, such as UV-curable or electron beam-curable formulations, offer fast and efficient curing. FT wax acts as a co-curing agent, accelerating the curing process and enhancing the overall performance of the coating.

4. Application Techniques and Considerations

Incorporating Fischer Tropsch wax into wood coatings requires thorough understanding and appropriate techniques:

a. Formulation Development:

Careful selection and optimization of the coating formulation are essential for successful integration of FT wax. The wax content and other additives should be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the coating application, considering factors such as desired hardness, gloss, or water repellency.

b. Application Methods:

FT wax can be added during the manufacturing process or directly to the coating formulation. Spray, brush, or roller application techniques are commonly used to ensure even distribution of the wax on the wood surface. Manufacturers should consider equipment compatibility, viscosity adjustments, and coating thickness during the application process.

c. Compatibility Testing:

Before large-scale production, compatibility testing with the selected coating system is vital. This step helps evaluate the wax's influence on the coating's physical properties, cure rate, and adhesion. It ensures the final formulation meets the desired performance standards.


Fischer Tropsch wax is an essential component in high-quality wood coatings. Its unique properties, such as high melting point, controlled viscosity, and oxidative stability, enhance coating performance significantly. By improving scratch resistance, water repellency, and gloss, FT wax ensures the longevity and beauty of wood surfaces. Furthermore, its compatibility with various formulations broadens its application scope. Incorporating Fischer Tropsch wax in wood coatings requires careful formulation development, selection of suitable application methods, and comprehensive compatibility testing. With its numerous benefits, FT wax remains a top choice for manufacturers aiming to deliver high-quality wood coatings.

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