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Application and mechanism of polymer wax in coatings

Application and mechanism of polymer wax in coatings


Wax for coating is mainly added in the form of additives, initially used to improve the surface anti expansion performance of the coating film. Mainly including improving the smoothness, scratch resistance and waterproof of the coating film. In addition, it can also affect the rheological property of the coating, and its addition can make the orientation of solid particles such as aluminum powder in metal flash paint uniform. It can be used as a matting agent in matte paint. According to its particle size and particle size distribution, the matting effect of wax additives is different. Therefore, wax additives are suitable for both glossy and matte paints. Microcrystalline modified  polyethylene wax  can be used to improve the surface properties of waterborne industrial coatings. 

Pe wax  is generally produced by high-pressure and low-pressure polymerization; Among them, the polyethylene wax produced by high pressure method has branched chain, low density and melting temperature, while the straight chain wax with low specific gravity can be produced by low pressure method; PE wax has various densities. For example, as for the non-polar PE wax prepared by low-pressure method, the low density (low branched chain and high crystallinity) is generally harder, and has better wear resistance and scratch resistance, but is slightly worse in terms of slip resistance and reduction of friction coefficient.

Application mode:

There are four common ways to use wax:

1. Melting method: the solvent is heated and melted in a closed and high-pressure container, and then discharged under appropriate cooling conditions to obtain the finished product; The disadvantages are that the quality is not easy to control, the operation cost is high and dangerous, and some waxes are not suitable for this method.

2. Emulsification method: fine and round particles can be obtained, which is suitable for aqueous systems, but the added surfactant will affect the water resistance of the coating film.

3. Dispersion method: the wax is added to the tree wax / solution and dispersed by ball mill, roller or other dispersion equipment; The disadvantage is that it is difficult to obtain high-quality products and the cost is high.

4. Micronization method: the micronization method can adopt jet microniser or microniser / classifier production process, that is, the crude wax is gradually broken into particles after fierce collision with each other at high speed, and then is blown out and collected by centrifugal force under weight loss. This is the most widely used manufacturing method at present.

From the literature research and market analysis, polyethylene wax and modified polyethylene wax, especially after micronization, will have a further development. The surface effect and volume effect of polyethylene micropowder wax provide excellent physical and chemical properties for the development of new products. In order to meet the requirements of ink, coating, finishing agent and other fields, more series of superfine micropowders will come out.

As an additive, polyethylene wax is mainly used in high-grade coatings such as matting paint, with a general addition of 5% ~ 6%. Add micro powder and lotion with high-speed stirring. The addition amount of wax in other coatings is 0.25-2.0%.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for coatings have also changed. More and more low-grade coatings have been eliminated, and beautiful and practical high-grade coatings occupy most of the market. The market of wax additives is also expanding.

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