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Application industry of ethylene bis-stearamide powder

Application industry of ethylene bis-stearamide powder


Ethylene bis-stearamide (vinyl bis-stearamide) is a hard and brittle white wax with high melting point, non-toxic, No side effects on human body, insoluble in most solvents at room temperature, stable to acid, Alkali and water media, soluble in hot chlorinated hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, Its powdery substance is more creamy. EBS is also widely used in various fields. Next, Qingdao Sainuo will take you to understand the application industry of ethylene bis-stearamide powder.

1. Plastic

In many thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer as internal and external lubricants, the most representative such as ABS, PS, AS, PVC, can also be used in PE, PP, PVAC, cellulose Acetate, Nylon, pheonolic-Resin, Amino Plastics, etc. , it has good smoothness and film-free property. 

In the process of thermoplastic Pur injection molding, the auxiliary also acts as an internal release agent, Adding amount is 0.1 ~ 1% .

2. Rubber

The addition of 1 ~ 3% EBS into the emulsion of synthetic resin and rubber(such as Yinyl,polychloroprene,GRS(SBR) ) has good anti-sticking and anti-caking effects. EBS used in automotive floor mats, drainage pipes and other rubber products to increase the surface gloss effect.

3. Chemical fibre

EBS can improve the heat and weather resistance, fluidity of polyester and polyamide fiber, and give a certain anti-static effect.

4. Dispersant for pigments and fillers

EBS as plastic, chemical fiber color masterbatch pigment dispersant, such as ABS, PS, polypropylene, polyester masterbatch.

5. Powder coating

EBS can be used as a flow aid for powder coatings.

6. Coating , ink

In the production of paint and coatings, the addition of 0.5 ~ 2% EBS can enhance the effect of salt fog and moistureproof; The addition of this product to the paint can improve the performance of paint remover, can improve the surface leveling baking enamel.

Ethylene bis-stearamide powder of Qingdao Sainuo has low acid value, sufficient reaction, excellent heat stability in later period, good whiteness, uniform particle size, good light dispersion effect and good friction resistance, which meet the requirements of FDA.

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