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Why to choose polyethylene wax in road marking paint

Why to choose polyethylene wax in road marking paint


Polyethylene wax has good physical properties in the process of road marking paint system. High softening point, can improve the heat resistance of paint; Quick drying, rapid cooling of paint application, rapid opening to traffic; High hardness, the coating film to protect the film, to prevent scratching, Abrasion and wear resistance; The viscosity is moderate, prevents the glass bead and so on auxiliary material to harden to deposit, increases the coating qualified service life; Good wetting and coating, can be very good wetting and coating titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide can give full play to the ability to cover, increase the whiteness of marking paint. 

Qingdao Sainuo polyethylene wax for road marking paint has high melting point, with good heat resistance; High hardness, it can improve paint surface scratching, anti-rolling; Quick-drying type, it can meet the construction requirements of large temperature difference between north and south; It has better wetting and dispersing function for titanium dioxide and good fluidity.

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