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Function of Calcium stearate in PVC products

Function of Calcium stearate in PVC products


When Calcium stearate is used as a lubricant for PVC, it is generally considered to be an internal lubricant. Calcium stearate is a stearate of calcium mesophylline, and the chemical active point of PVC resin particles can form a stable complex system with Calcium stearate. The long chain alkyl groups of Calcium stearate, however, are less compatible with polar resins such as PVC A local microcosmic two-phase interface, I. E. Lubricating Film, is formed in the interior of PVC resin. 

Qingdao Sainuo Calcium stearate has no sulfur pollution, good long-term thermal stability, good lubricity and demoulding.

It's used in Polyvinyl chloride heat stabilizers and lubricants, food packaging film, medical equipment and other requirements of non-toxic soft products, widely used in Polyolefin, polyester reinforced plastics, Phenol formaldehyde resin, Amino Resin and other thermosetting polymer lubricants and release agents

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