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Qingdao Sainuo Class - Three abilities in the workplace

Qingdao Sainuo Class - Three abilities in the workplace


No matter in which industry, what position, 0-3 years of the workplace should have the following 3 abilities: executive ability, communication ability, fast learning ability. Next, Qingdao Sainuo will take you to understand these three abilities.

Executive ability. On the basis of completion, try to do things to the best. In the early stage of the workplace, most of the work is the implementation level, good execution side also reflects the ability to work very strong, will give your leadership a “reliable” feeling. Use a time management approach to improve execution: put Your To-do list on white paper as a matter of urgency, with a check mark below each item.

Communication ability. In addition to learning to communicate effectively and logically, you also need to avoid communication minefields, which include emotional communication, excessive verbal and so on. 

Fast learning ability. In a short period of time to master the core of a field of dry goods, and into their own capabilities. 

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