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Selection of dispersant - Qingdao Sainuo

Selection of dispersant - Qingdao Sainuo


There are many kinds of dispersants, among which polyethylene wax is the most conventional because of its good solubility to polyolefine and the function of internal and external lubrication. The wetting and coating of pigments is easy, so the selection of polyethylene wax must be strictly controlled. 

Secondly, Ethylene bis-stearamide, oleic acid amide, erucic acid amide, stearic acid and Zinc stearate and other metal salt products also have their own merits, according to its most important function can be selected. But can not join in large quantities, because these auxiliaries to pay special attention to them mostly belong to the category of external lubricants, for some products must be used with caution. Especially for products requiring high surface tension.

Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co.,Ltd. We are manufacturer for PE wax, PP wax, OPE wax, EVA wax, PEMA, EBS, Zinc / Calcium Stearate…. Our products have passed the REACH, ROHS, PAHS, FDA testing.

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