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Application of Polyethylene Wax in Plastic Processing

Application of Polyethylene Wax in Plastic Processing


Polyethylene waxhas good chemical stability, excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, dispersibility, fluidity, and demoulding properties. It has high softening point, low melt viscosity, high hardness, and good wear resistance. As a dispersant for various masterbatches, a release agent for polyolefin processing, and a lubricant for polychloroethylene plastic processing, it is widely used in general plastic processing. Due to the introduction of polar groups, the physical properties of chemically modified polyethylene wax have been improved, so that the application field of pe wax has been expanded to engineering plastics with higher performance requirements and rapid development momentum.

Polyethylene wax is often used as lubricant and release agent in plastic processing, and proper addition of polyethylene wax can reduce the viscosity of plastic melt and improve its processability. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common general-purpose plastic. The degradation temperature of PVC is close to its viscosity flow temperature, and various forms of degradation are easy to occur during processing. Adding an appropriate amount of polyethylene wax in PVC processing can play a role in internal and external lubrication, reduce the friction between chains, reduce the heat generated by melt friction, extend the plasticizing time, improve the thermal stability of PVC, reduce the demoulding force between the melt and metal, and improve its processing performance. By blending with low molecular weight polyethylene wax, the rheological properties of UHMWPE can be improved. At the same time, due to the solvent like effect of low molecular weight polyethylene wax, compared with pure UHMWPE, the maximum Young's modulus and tensile ratio of UHMWPE/PE wax are significantly increased, which improves the balance between UHMWPE's processing, solid tensile and mechanical properties. 

The polarity of polyethylene wax can be changed by oxidation or grafting, and the application range of polyethylene wax can be widened, It has good compatibility with PET, PBT, PC, PA6 or various composite materials, improves processing fluidity, reduces demoulding force, weakens wear of materials on production equipment and molds, increases production efficiency, and makes products more beautiful.

The lubricant used in plastic processing is to improve the fluidity and demoulding property of plastics, especially thermoplastics, during processing and molding. The main function of lubricant is to reduce the mutual friction between plastic materials and processing machinery, as well as with the internal molecules of plastic materials during processing, so as to improve the processing performance of plastics and improve the performance of products. The viscosity of polyethylene wax is much lower than that of plastic solution, and it can be used as a modifier of plastic melt index. Because of its good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature, and good dispersion, polyethylene wax can improve the fluidity of plastic processing and thus improve the plastic processing performance.

According to the action mechanism of lubricants in plastic processing and molding, lubricants are divided into internal lubricants and external lubricants. The internal lubricant has a certain affinity with polymer, and its lubrication function is mainly to reduce the mutual friction between polymer molecules, or to reduce the force between polar polymer molecules. The external lubricant is mainly used to reduce the friction between polymer and processing machinery, improve long-term operation, dimensional stability, prevent scaling, and increase production capacity. There are many kinds of lubricants. Most lubricants have both internal and external lubrication functions. The one with strong lubrication function is called external lubricant, and the one with strong internal lubrication function is called internal lubricant. 

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