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What is PE wax used for?

What is PE wax used for?


Polyethylene waxis a non-toxic, tasteless and corrosion-free chemical material. Its color is small white beads/flakes. It has high melting point, high hardness, high gloss, snow-white color and other characteristics. It also has outstanding chemical stability. It has excellent temperature resistance, drug resistance and electrical properties at room temperature. It can be used widely as a modifier of chlorinated polyethylene materials and plastics, Coating agent for textiles and improver for viscosity of crude oil and fuel oil. In this article today,  Sainuo will take you to understand the application fields of pe wax.

Due to its excellent external lubrication and strong internal lubrication, polyethylene wax has good compatibility with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other resins, and can be used as a lubricant in extrusion, calendering, and injection processing.

Polyethylene wax is widely used as homopolymer or copolymer of low content polyethylene in coatings. The main functions of polyethylene wax in solvent based coatings are: matting, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, polishing resistance, engraving resistance, adhesion resistance, precipitation resistance, thixotropy; Good lubricity and processability; Positioning of metallic pigments.

1. Dense color masterbatch and filler masterbatch: it is used as dispersant in color masterbatch processing and is widely used in polyolefin color masterbatch. It has good compatibility with PE, PVC, PP and other resins, and has excellent external lubrication and internal lubrication;

2. Pipes, composite stabilizers and profiles: they are used as dispersants, lubricants and brighteners in the forming and processing of PVC, pipes, composite stabilizers, PVC profiles, pipe fittings, PP and PE to enhance the degree of plasticization, improve the toughness and surface smoothness of plastic products, and are widely used in the production of PVC composite stabilizers;

3. Ink: as the carrier of pigments, it can improve the abrasion resistance of paints and inks, improve the dispersion of pigments and fillers, and has a good anti settling effect. It can be used as the matting agent of paints and inks, so that products have good luster and three-dimensional sense;

4. Wax products: widely used in floor wax, car wax, glazing wax, candles and other wax products to improve the softening point, strength and surface gloss of wax products.

5. Cable material: used as the lubricant of cable insulation material, it can enhance the diffusion of filler, improve the extrusion molding speed, increase the mold flow, and facilitate demoulding;

6. Hot melt products: used as dispersant for all kinds of hot melt adhesives, thermosetting powder coatings, road marking paints, etc., with good anti sedimentation effect, and to make products have a number of luster and three-dimensional sense;

7. Rubber: as the processing aid of rubber, it can enhance the diffusion of filler, improve the extrusion molding rate, increase the mold flow, facilitate demoulding, and improve the surface brightness and smoothness of products after demoulding;

8. Cosmetics: make the products have good luster and three-dimensional sense;

9. Injection molding: enhance the surface luster of products.

10. Powder coating: used for powder coating, which can produce patterns and matting, and can also resist scratches, abrasion, polishing, etc; It can improve the dispersibility of pigments.

11. As a softener and lubricant for natural or synthetic fibers, it can improve wear resistance, tear strength, wrinkle resistance and the sewing performance of ironless clothes, reduce needle cutting and adjust touch sensitivity.

12. It can improve the glossiness, durability, hardness and abrasion resistance of the paper, increase the water resistance and drug resistance, and increase the aesthetic feeling of the paper.

13. As a lubricant for cable insulation materials, it can enhance the diffusion of filler, improve the extrusion molding speed, increase the mold flow, and facilitate demoulding.

14. As a rubber processing additive, it can enhance the diffusion of filler, improve the extrusion molding speed, increase the mold flow and facilitate demoulding.

So far as today's introduction is concerned, for product manufacturers, the type of polyethylene wax must be selected from the perspective of application, not from the perspective of price alone. Sometimes, some high-quality polyethylene wax is selected. Although the formula cost is increased, the processing window is expanded, the production process is easier to control, the defective rate is reduced, and the overall cost is reduced. This is also a long-term strategy.

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