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Discussion on some problems related to plastic compatibilizer

Discussion on some problems related to plastic compatibilizer


Compatibilizer is a new type of functional plastic additives, also known as compatibilizer, polymer coupling agent, macromolecular organic polymer compatibilizer. Compatibilizers are designed to overcome the poor compatibility of some polymers during blending. Compatibilizer is used to overcome some disadvantages of the compatibility of polymer during blending, the effect is to reduce the interfacial tension. The addition of the third component increases the thickness of the interface layer, prevents the dispersed phase from coalescing, and stabilizes the formed phase morphology, so as to increase the compatibility of the two polymers, increase the adhesion between them, and form a stable blending structure.

The key of polymer blending modification is to improve the compatibility of different polymers, and the right amount of compatibilizer can make them have good compatibility. 

Qingdao Sainuo aluminate coupling agent's intermediate content of 10-12% , it mainly used for powder coating treatment, reduce viscosity, reduce die wear, increase capacity flow, good internal lubrication.

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