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Do you want to know the role of Oxidized polyethylene wax in PVC?

Do you want to know the role of Oxidized polyethylene wax in PVC?


Oxidized polyethylene wax  has low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness and other properties, and itself non-toxic, good thermal stability, high-temperature volatility, It has excellent dispersibility for fillers and pigments. It not only has excellent external lubricity, but also has strong internal lubricity and coupling effect. 

In PVC system, low density  ope wax 629 can be plasticized ahead of time, and the later torque is reduced. It has excellent internal and external lubrication. It can improve the dispersity of colorant, give products a good luster and improve production efficiency.

It can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing, reduce production cost, and has good compatibility with polyolefin resin, etc. , at room temperature, good wet resistance, chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties, can improve the appearance of the finished product.

In the plastic processing industry, it is relatively balanced for the internal and external lubrication of PVC. The lubricity of ope wax in rigid transparent and opaque PVC  formulation is better than that of other lubricants. It is widely used in PE, PVC cable production, PVC profile, pipe production, is a good new type of plastic processing lubricant. Also can be used for textile softener, car wax, leather softener production raw and auxiliary materials; 

It is used as dispersant, lubricant, brightener and coupling agent for pigment or filler such as concentrated masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, additive masterbatch, filling masterbatch, etc. .Eva wax and all kinds of rubber have good miscibility, because of its high melting point and low viscosity, promote resin fluidity, relatively reduce the power consumption of resin mixing, reduce resin and mold adhesion, easy to get rid of film, it has the role of internal and external lubrication, at the same time, it also has good anti-static property.Used as an ink dispersant, an anti-rub agent;

Used as a viscosity modifier for hot melt adhesives;

Used as processing aids for aluminium foil compound paper;

Used as shoe polish, floor wax, Polish wax, car wax, cosmetics, match wax rod, ink wear resistant agent, ceramics, precision casting agent, oil absorbent, sealant, Chinese medicine wax pill, hot melt adhesive, paint and powder coating matting agent, cable material additives, crayons, carbon paper, wax paper, inkpad, photosensitive material matrix, textile softener, electronic component sealant, transistor sealant, rubber processing aids, car bottom oil, dental materials processing aids, iron and steel rust inhibitor, etc. 

At present, oxidized polyethylene wax is widely used in foam board. PVC foam board is the most difficult to produce in PVC products and the most difficult to solve the problems, here you can see the uniqueness of the oxidized polyethylene wax.

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