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Ethylene Bis-Stearamide as an Effective Dispersant in Inkjet Inks

by:Sainuo     2023-07-29

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide as an Effective Dispersant in Inkjet Inks

Inkjet printing is an essential technology used in printing industry for commercial and domestic purposes. For successful inkjet printing, various elements come into play, including ink, print heads, and paper. Among these, ink is the most critical component, requiring ingredients to produce high-quality, stable, and reliable prints. Ethylene Bis-Stearamide (EBS) is one such ingredient that enhances the ink's performance, providing superior quality and longevity.

What is Ethylene Bis-Stearamide?

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide (EBS) is a chemical compound produced through the reaction between ethylenediamine and stearic acid. This reaction produces a white, odorless, waxy substance which is highly effective in a variety of applications, including inkjet ink formulations. When used as an ingredient in ink production, it imparts exceptional characteristics such as dispersion, stability, and adhesion properties.

How Ethylene Bis-Stearamide Works in Inkjet Inks

Inkjet inks are composed of various ingredients that need to be evenly dispensed throughout the ink to provide high-quality prints. Ethylene Bis-Stearamide plays a crucial role as a dispersant in inkjet ink formulations. It works by reducing the surface tension between the ink's solid particles, allowing them to spread out evenly, providing a high-quality print with no visible defects.

Additionally, Ethylene Bis-Stearamide enhances the ink's stability by reducing the settling rate, maintaining the ink's homogeneity, and preventing particle agglomeration. This process also improves the ink's shelf life, allowing it to be stored for extended periods without losing quality.

Advantages of Using Ethylene Bis-Stearamide as a Dispersant

1. Improved Print Quality

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide improves inkjet ink's printability by enhancing the ink's dispersion and adhesion properties. This provides high-quality prints with no visible defects, such as streaks, smudges, or blurs.

2. Stability

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide enhances inkjet ink's stability by preventing particle separation and agglomeration. This improves the ink's homogeneity and shelf life, enabling it to be stored for longer periods without losing quality.

3. Resistance to Water and Chemicals

Inkjet inks formulated with Ethylene Bis-Stearamide are more resistant to water and chemicals. This feature is essential as it ensures high-quality, long-lasting prints that are not easily affected by environmental factors that would otherwise cause the ink to fade or deteriorate.

4. Cost-Effective

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide is a cost-effective ingredient when used in inkjet ink formulations. Its stability and dispersant properties ensure that the ink can be stored for longer periods, reducing ink wastage.

5. Versatility

Etherlene Bis-Stearamide is a highly versatile ingredient that can be used in a broad range of inkjet ink formulations, including those designed for high-speed printing, photo printing, and other specialized applications.

Inkjet Inks Formulated with Ethylene Bis-Stearamide

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide is commonly used in inkjet ink formulations and is available in various grades, including those suitable for use in food packaging and other sensitive applications. Inkjet inks containing Ethylene Bis-Stearamide are used in a diverse range of applications, such as commercial printing, domestic and office printing, and photographic printing. In particular, thicker inks, such as those used in some industrial printing, benefit from Ethylene Bis-Stearamide's dispersant properties as it ensures that the ink is evenly dispersed.


Ethylene Bis-Stearamide is a critical ingredient that plays a vital role in ensuring high-quality prints in inkjet printing. Its properties, such as dispersion and stability, provide outstanding quality prints, improving the overall print experience. Additionally, the ingredient increases the longevity of the ink, helps it resist environmental factors, and saves ink wastage, making it a cost-effective inkjet ink additive.

As such, Ethylene Bis-Stearamide is widely used in inkjet ink production worldwide, providing manufacturers with a competitive edge in terms of product quality, reliability, and performance.

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