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Formula of filling masterbatch

Formula of filling masterbatch


In addition to the filler core, the filler masterbatch also includes carrier resin, coupling layer, dispersion layer, and modifier, which should be considered in formula design. When designing the formula, the amount of filler core selected is 50% -85% of the filling masterbatch.

The selection of dispersion layer is mainly composed of low molecular weight polyethylene (polyethylene wax), or stearic acid and its salts. Due to their low molecular weight, they are prone to melting during mixing. Therefore, calcium carbonate activated by coupling agents can be used, and then treated with dispersants to better melt and disperse in the resin, resulting in better appearance and filling of the product. The calcium carbonate treated with the aforementioned dispersant is closer to the matrix resin in terms of solubility parameters and surface tension, resulting in a decrease in viscosity and an increase in flowability of the composite material. The dosage of dispersant generally does not exceed 3% of the filling masterbatch.

The mixing layer is the carrier resin layer. The key technology of masterbatch is to evenly disperse it in plastic products, which is closely related to the selection of carrier resin. The general requirements for the selection of carrier resin are as follows:

(1) The carrier resin should be selected with the same or similar structure as the matrix resin to facilitate compatibility between the masterbatch and the matrix resin;

(2) The carrier resin should have a high melt flow rate (MFR). The MFR of the melt should be slightly greater than the MFR value of the matrix resin.     pe wax for filler masterbatch

(3) It is best for the carrier resin to interact with fillers (CaCO Å) or dispersants.

The dosage of carrier resin is generally 15% -50% of the filling masterbatch.

Composition of filling masterbatch

The polyolefin filling masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, fillers, and various additives, with fillers accounting for the main component, up to 90%.

Filler: The filler used for polyolefin filling masterbatch is mainly heavy calcium carbonate, followed by inorganic fillers such as talc powder, kaolin, and calcium powder. For any inorganic filler, particle size and particle size distribution are important technical indicators. Usually, the smaller the particle size and narrower the distribution, the better the filling effect. In addition, the filling effect is also related to dispersibility, as the smaller the particle size, the more difficult it is to disperse, and the higher the price.

Carrier resin: The performance and cost of polyolefin filling masterbatch mainly depend on the carrier resin, usually with a content of 10% to 20% depending on the purpose of the masterbatch. The carrier resin used for polyolefin filling masterbatch should have good compatibility with the filled plastic matrix resin. From this perspective, it is best to choose matrix resin as the general carrier resin. In addition, when selecting the filler matrix carrier, consideration should also be given to its melting point and melt fluidity, and the melting point of the carrier resin should not be higher than that of the matrix resin. Currently, enterprises use polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and resins that match polyethylene and polypropylene with similar melt indices.

Additives: The main types of additives used in polyolefin filling masterbatch are dispersants and surface treatment agents. The function of dispersants is to improve the flowability of the masterbatch during processing, which is conducive to a more uniform dispersion of the masterbatch in the matrix resin. Commonly used dispersants include white oil, paraffin, pe wax, coupling agent, and stearic acid.

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