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High-Purity Polypropylene / PP Wax For Polyolefin Resin
Polypropylene wax acts as both an internal and external lubricant in polyolefin processing, reducing friction between polymer chains and enhancing the flow properties of the resin during processing. This can result in improved melt flow, easier mold release, and reduced energy consumption during extrusion and molding processes.

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High-purity polypropylene wax, moderate viscosity, high melting point, good lubricity, and good
dispersibility. It is currently an excellent auxiliary for polyolefin processing, high temperature
resistance, and high practicability.

High melting point

Good lubricity

Good dispersibility

High temperature resistance


High-purity polypropylene wax plays a crucial role in improving the processability, performance, and quality of polyolefin-based products. Its versatile properties make it an essential additive in a wide range of industrial applications, including the production of films, fibers, injection-molded parts, and other polyolefin-based products.



Softening Point ℃


ViscosityCPS @140 ℃


Molecular Weight 7000-9000


White Powder


1. Used for processing high viscosity polypropylene filament: In this application, the polypropylene wax serves as an internal and external lubricant, reducing the viscosity of the polypropylene resin during filament extrusion. This helps in achieving smoother processing and improved filament quality.

2. Polypropylene resin blend modified mold release agent: When incorporated into polypropylene resin blends, the wax acts as a mold release agent, facilitating the easy release of the molded parts from the molds. This contributes to enhanced productivity and improved surface finish of the molded products.

3. polypropylene wax can be used as a carrier for electrostatic copier toner manufacturing: The wax plays a crucial role as a carrier material in the production of electrostatic copier toner. It provides excellent lubrication, improves the melting point of the toner, enhances moisture resistance, and prevents agglomeration, ensuring the production of high-quality toner with superior performance characteristics.

4. Polypropylene wax is an energy - saving agent and modification agent for polyolefin resin processing: When employed in polyolefin resin processing, the wax functions as an energy-saving agent by reducing internal friction and viscosity. Additionally, it contributes to modifying the properties of the polyolefin resins, leading to improved processability and energy efficiency.

5. Polypropylene wax used for high-temperature hot melt adhesive manufacturing: When utilized in the production of high-temperature hot melt adhesives, the wax contributes to the adhesive's strength, heat stability, and processability. It helps in achieving strong and reliable bonding properties in the final adhesive products.


The products have been approved by FDA,REACH,ROSH,ISO and other certification, in line with national standards.


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