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The role of low viscosity ope wax in powder coatings

The role of low viscosity ope wax in powder coatings


Powder coatings are powdery coatings, mainly divided into thermoplastic powder coatings and thermosetting powder coatings according to the different film-forming substances. The former has limitations in its application due to poor glossiness, leveling, and adhesion to metal of the coating film, and is mainly used in the painting and finishing fields of automobiles, electrical appliances, etc. In today's article, the manufacturer of Sainuo ope wax will take you to understand the role of low viscosity oxidized polyethylene wax in powder coatings:

Conventional powder coatings contain 50-60% of adhesives, resins and hardeners, 40-50% of pigments and fillers, and 1-2% of additives. These components are mixed in an appropriately sized mixer to obtain the so-called root compound, which is then extruded. During this process, the raw materials condense and blend into average clumps. After a few seconds, the material passes through the extruder and reaches a temperature of about 100 ° C, During the extrusion process, the oxidized polyethylene wax acts as a smoothing agent to reduce pressure and increase production.

Oxidized polyethylene wax also helps to improve the wetting of resin mixtures on pigments and fillers.

The slurry is compressed by a pair of cooled rollers and cooled on a cooling strip. After cooling and crushing the material, it is ground to the desired particle size by the customer. As the oxidized wax is crystalline, it increases the efficiency of the grinding stage.

During the heating process, the powder wax particles solidify and blend into a hard solid coating, which can improve the surface hardness, scratch resistance, scratch resistance, and glossiness of the final coating film.

Ope wax powder can also serve as an activity additive, reducing the viscosity of the system, thereby reducing the activity of the resin, resulting in a more uniform appearance and higher glossiness. The addition amount of oxidized wax in powder coatings varies between 0.2% and 1.5%.

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