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Where is Sainuo Chemical factory located?
Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co.,LTD.'s plant has the most advantageous location that at which the cost of gathering material and fabricating polypropylene wax plus the cost of distributing the finished product to the customers will be at the minimum. Our plant is located near to the raw material source. Therefore, we are able to reduce the transportation cost which affects hugely the cost of the production and surrender maximum profit to our customers. Local availability of skilled and semi-skilled manpower add to the efficient running of our plant.
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Until now, Sainuo Chemical has become one of the largest manufacturer for oleamide. Sainuo Chemical has created a number of successful series, and Bright dispersion lubricant is one of them. The design of Sainuo polyethylene wax manufacturers requires many skills. Except for basic knowledge such as Kinematics and Mechanisms, they also include Technical Drawing and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). Unlike incandescent and CFL bulb which emit light and heat in all directions, this product emits light in a specific direction, enabling users to use this directional light more effectively in various applications.
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Over many years of development, our company adheres to the principle of good faith. We conduct business trade in accordance with fair and refuse any vicious business competition.

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