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What about the exports of Sainuo Chemical in recent years?
The volume of exports largely reflects the product quality and the service quality of a company. For Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co.,LTD., we have acquired an increasingly large number of export volumes in recent years due to the word-of-mouth referral and effective market promotion strategy. Those referrals give us a larger customer base, which further increases our export volumes. Also, we have formulated intelligent promotion strategies for promoting our products to the overseas markets. For example, we open our official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to update our latest news, company dynamics, and products introduction, so as to let customers in the world know us more.
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Sainuo is a household brand and play a great role in people's life. The oxidized polyethylene wax series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Sainuo High purity stearoyl benzoyl methane distinguishes itself for professional production processes. These processes include meticulous materials selection process, cutting process, sanding process, and polishing process. Its material provides a soft barrier to snuggling up against harmful elements in the sleeping environment, making itself very useful for people with skin conditions.
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We have teams of capable talents. These professionals are drawing from different disciplines and functional units. They bring specialized expertise to customers' projects.

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