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How about the management mechanism of Sainuo Chemical?
Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co.,LTD. comes with a powerful management mechanism that enables the business performance. Management mechanism covering fiscal, energy saving and risk are included. We learn from overseas firms to enhance the mechanism. This helps to build the excellent business.
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Sainuo is unique in being able to quickly respond to pentaerythritol stearate (pets), while providing quality assurance. Sainuo Chemical has created a number of successful series, and aluminate coupling agent is one of them. Sainuo masterbatch manufacturer has a good design. It is made by designers who are well versed with Elements of Furniture Design such as Line, Forms, Color, and Texture. This product offers varieties kinds of decorative embellishments, and provides users with additional styles and textures, such as embroidery.
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After we have adopted the energy management plan which was rigorously evaluated for its reasonability. Since then, we have improved water efficiency by 20% during production.

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