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How Ethylene Bis-Stearamide Minimizes Friction and Wear in Machinery

by:Sainuo     2023-07-28

How Ethylene Bis-Stearamide Minimizes Friction and Wear in Machinery

Machinery runs on different components working together cohesively. There are various reasons why these mechanisms wear out and tear, and eventually fail to function effectively. Among the key reasons behind the degradation of machinery is wear and tear from friction. The friction can cause a lot of damage to the components and cost a lot of money in maintenance, repairs, and replacements. But thanks to recent technological advances, there is a solution to the problem; Ethylene Bis-Stearamide, or EBS, can minimize friction and wear in machinery.

EBS is a synthetic wax that is widely used as a lubricating additive. It has a long hydrocarbon chain that makes it an ideal candidate for reducing friction and wear in machinery. Here is how EBS works and why it is an essential additive for machinery.

EBS Melts and Coats the Surface

One of the main reasons why EBS is so effective in preventing wear is because of its high melting point. At around 140 to 150°C, EBS begins to melt, and when it does, it coats the surface of the moving components. This coating reduces the contact between the components and mitigates the wear caused by friction.

Additionally, the coating helps reduce the coefficient of friction between two surfaces, making them less prone to wear. By reducing the friction and wear, the surface of the components stays smooth and doesn't degrade as fast. This reduces the risk of mechanical failure since the parts can continue operating normally, even under high-stress conditions.

EBS Lubrication is Temperature Resistant

Another significant advantage of EBS is that it can withstand high-temperature conditions without degrading. This is essential since machinery usually operates under high-stress environments that generate a lot of heat. Lubricants that can't handle high temperatures tend to evaporate or break down when exposed to these conditions, which can lead to equipment failure.

EBS, on the other hand, can keep lubricating the machinery even under high-temperature conditions. This makes it highly effective in situations where extreme temperatures, heat, or friction are prominent. Also, since the lubrication is solid and not liquid, it can help prevent dirt, dust, and other contaminants from entering the moving parts of the machinery.

EBS Prevents Scuffing

Scuffing is a prevalent problem in machinery that results from high pressure and localized friction. It happens when two surfaces get stuck to each other and rip apart, causing localized damage to the surface. Scuffing increases wear and can cause severe damage to the machinery, leading to failure.

EBS can help prevent scuffing by coating the surface of the components. The hydrocarbon chains in the wax help spread the load over the entire surface, which reduces pressure on any specific point. This cushioning effect reduces the likelihood of scuffing, and therefore the machinery can operate smoothly without getting damaged.

EBS Can Be Modified

Another great advantage of EBS is that it can be modified to suit specific machinery and conditions. This is possible by changing the length of the hydrocarbon chain or adding polar groups into the wax. The modification can make the EBS more efficient in reducing friction and wear, depending on the requirements of the machinery.

EBS modified in this way can also reduce the electric charge between the components, preventing static electricity and reducing the risk of sparks. Sparks can be dangerous, especially in hazardous environments, as they can cause fires and lead to explosions.


EBS is an effective lubricant that can minimize friction and wear in machinery. Its hydrocarbon chains make it ideal for coating the surface of components when it melts, reducing friction and preventing wear and scuffing. Additionally, EBS is heat-resistant, which enables it to keep lubricating even under extreme conditions. EBS can also be modified, making it more efficient in specific machinery and reducing electrical charge. With all these benefits, including EBS in machinery can extend the lifespan of equipment, reduce the costs associated with maintenance and repairs, and enable the machines to operate safely and effectively for longer.

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