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How to Use EBS Wax for Leather Shoe Care

by:Sainuo     2023-07-07

As classic as leather shoes are, they can be quite challenging to maintain. However, if they are well cared for, they can last for several seasons and will even look better with age. For years, people have been turning to EBS Wax as an essential element of their leather shoe care routine.

Whether you just purchased a brand new pair of leather shoes or you're trying to bring an old one back to life, the following guide will show you how to use EBS Wax for leather shoe care.

What is EBS Wax?

EBS Wax, short for 'Emulsified Beeswax', is a natural, non-toxic, water-based polish that provides a protective coating on leather. This product can be used on any type of leather, including patent, grain, patent grain, and suede.

This polish has several benefits over conventional shoe polishes such as durability, water-resistance, and it doesn't cause the leather to darken over time or leave any residue.

What are the benefits of using EBS Wax?

Though many of us agree on the importance of keeping our leather shoes neat, clean and polished, we dread the process. The good thing is, applying EBS Wax to your leather shoes is a quick and straightforward process, and these are some benefits you will enjoy when you use it.

1. Long-Lasting Shine – EBS Wax produces an everlasting shine that will keep your shoes looking great for weeks. The longer-lasting shine means less time spent wiping and buffing.

2. Water Resistance – One of the main causes of damaged leather shoes is water/snow damage. EBS Wax is water-resistant, ensuring that your leather is protected against damage from water and snow.

3. Prevents Drying and Cracking – EBS Wax keeps leather shoes moist and prevents them from becoming dry. It stops cracks from forming and increases the longevity of the shoes.

4. High-Quality Ingredients – EBS wax is a water-based polish made from natural products that help protect and nurture the leather surface.

5. Varied Use – EBS Wax is not just for shoes; you can use it on leather bags, jackets, sofas, boots, hats, gloves, and any other leather surface that requires protective waxing.

How to Apply EBS Wax to Your Leather Shoes

1. Clean the shoes.

Before applying EBS Wax, you need to clean the surfaces of your shoes thoroughly. Use a damp cloth to remove grime, dirt, and any other impurities from the shoes. If there are stubborn spots, use a cleaning agent or a suede brush to scrub them off.

2. Allow the shoes to dry.

After cleaning, allow the shoes to dry completely. Never apply wax on damp leather, as this can cause mold to grow later.

3. Apply EBS Wax to the shoes.

Take a clean cloth or sponge and apply a small amount of EBS Wax to the surface of the shoes. Rub it until it is evenly distributed. Be sure to apply it to all parts of the shoes, including the edges and the sole.

4. Buff the shoes.

Once you have applied the wax, use a soft brush or lint-free cloth to buff the shoe's surface. This process helps to remove the excess wax and shines the surface.

5. Leave it to dry.

After buffing, give the shoes time to dry completely. A minimum of 20 minutes is recommended, but can take up to two hours in some cases.

6. Apply another layer of EBS wax.

For even better protection, you can apply another layer of EBS Wax. This will give your shoes a polished, protective layer that will last longer.

7. Buff again.

After applying the second layer, use a brush or cloth to buff the shoes once again, to remove any excess wax and ensure a longer-lasting shine.

Maintaining Your Leather Shoes with EBS Wax

Using EBS Wax does not end with just polishing your leather shoes; you also need to maintain them. The tips below should help you keep your shoes neat, clean, and polished at all times.

1. Store Your Shoes Properly

When not in use, store your shoes in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, dampness, and heat. Shoes tend to crack when exposed to high temperatures, so place them in a cool area to keep them fresh and new.

2. Cleaning Your Shoes

Regularly clean your shoes with leather-cleaning solutions or mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can cause discoloration or damage to your shoes.

3. Conditioning Your Shoes

Apply leather conditioner to your shoes every few months to keep them soft, supple, and nourished.

4. Repairing Scuffs and Scratches

If your shoes get scratched or scuffed, use a matching leather polish to cover them up. You can also use a polishing cloth to restore the shine on the affected area.

5. Polishing Your Shoes

Polish your shoes every six to eight weeks, depending on how often you wear them. This will keep them looking shiny and new.

Final Thoughts

Looking after your leather shoes may seem like a hassle, but it's an excellent investment in the long run. The extra effort you put into caring for them will extend the lifetime of the shoes, and EBS Wax makes it so much easier.

By following the above steps, you can maintain your leather shoes with minimal effort. Furthermore, if you make it a habit to take care of your leather shoes, you can keep them looking fantastic for years to come.

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