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Discover the Many Uses of Erucamide Wax

by:Sainuo     2023-07-04

Discover the Many Uses of Erucamide Wax

Erucamide wax, also known as octadec-9-enamide, is a fatty acid amide derived from erucic acid. It is commonly used as a slip agent, mold release agent, and anti-blocking agent in various industries including packaging, printing, and plastics. In this article, we will explore the many uses of erucamide wax and why it is considered a versatile additive.

Slip Agent

Erucamide wax is commonly used as a slip agent or lubricant, which helps to reduce the coefficient of friction between the surfaces of two materials. This property makes it an ideal choice for packaging materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester films. These films are often used for food packaging, where it is important to ensure that the packaging material does not stick to the food product, resulting in a loss of product or contamination.

Erucamide wax is added to the packaging material during production to ensure that the film can be easily unwound from the roll and that the bags can be opened and closed without any sticking. Additionally, erucamide wax can also be added to the ink used for printing on the packaging material, which further enhances the slip properties of the material.

Mold Release Agent

Erucamide wax is also commonly used as a mold release agent in the plastics industry. During production, plastics are often molded into various shapes and forms using molds. In order to remove the plastic product from the mold without causing any damage or distortion, a mold release agent is required.

Erucamide wax is used as a mold release agent because of its ability to reduce the surface tension of the plastic, which allows it to easily slip out of the mold without sticking. This property makes erucamide wax an ideal choice for the production of various plastic products such as automotive parts, toys, and containers.

Anti-Blocking Agent

Erucamide wax is also used as an anti-blocking agent, which helps to prevent the adhesion of two surfaces. This property is particularly useful in the production of films and sheets, where there is a high likelihood of the material sticking together during storage or handling.

Adding erucamide wax to the material during production helps to prevent the film or sheet from sticking together during processing and ensures that the finished product has a smooth and uniform appearance. This is particularly important for films and sheets that are used in printing, as any imperfections in the surface can affect the quality of the printed image.

Other Uses of Erucamide Wax

In addition to the above applications, erucamide wax is also used in a variety of other industries and applications. Some of these include:

- Personal Care Products: Erucamide wax is used as an emollient and thickening agent in various personal care products such as creams, lotions, and shampoos.

- Agriculture: Erucamide wax is used as a pesticide adjuvant, which helps to enhance the effectiveness of the pesticide by improving its coverage and penetration.

- Textiles: Erucamide wax is used as a lubricant in the textile industry to improve the efficiency of the spinning and weaving processes.

- Pharmaceuticals: Erucamide wax is used as a binder and lubricant in the production of various pharmaceutical products such as tablets and capsules.


Erucamide wax is a versatile additive that is used in a variety of industries and applications. Its ability to reduce the coefficient of friction, prevent adhesion, and act as a mold release agent makes it an ideal choice for packaging, printing, and plastics industries. Additionally, its use as an emollient, pesticide adjuvant, lubricant, and binder in various other applications further highlights its versatility. If you are looking for a reliable additive that can improve the performance of your products, erucamide wax may be the answer.

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