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The Role of Erucamide Wax in Industrial Processes

by:Sainuo     2023-07-05

The Role of Erucamide Wax in Industrial Processes

Erucamide wax is a versatile and essential component in many industrial processes. This chemical compound is a long-chain fatty acid derivative that is commonly used as a slip agent, lubricant, and release agent in the plastic industry. Erucamide wax has exceptional thermal stability, compatibility, and anti-blocking properties that make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

1. Introduction to Erucamide Wax

Erucamide is a long-chain fatty acid with a double bond at its 13th carbon position. It is derived from rapeseed oil or canola oil and is a yellow waxy solid with a melting point of around 77 °C. Erucamide wax is widely used in the manufacturing of plastics, especially polyolefins such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Other applications of erucamide wax include coatings, inks, and adhesives.

2. Use of Erucamide Wax in the Plastic Industry

In the plastic industry, erucamide wax is used extensively as a slip agent to decrease the coefficient of friction on the surface of plastic films, sheets, and molded products. It enhances the movement of the plastic surface by reducing the force required to slide over a surface. This property ensures the smooth flow of materials in the extrusion process, reducing the die build-up and producing high-quality products.

Erucamide wax is also used as a lubricant in the plastic industry. It helps in reducing the wear and tear between metal surfaces during manufacturing, thereby increasing the lifespan of the machinery. Erucamide wax is a suitable lubricant for food-grade products, and its low toxicity and odor make it an ideal choice.

3. Use of Erucamide Wax in the Paper Industry

Erucamide wax is used in the paper industry as a release agent to prevent the adhesion of paper to metal surfaces. It is widely used in the production of paper coatings to improve the water resistance, smoothness, and printability of the paper. Erucamide wax also acts as a lubricant in the paper industry, reducing the friction between paper and metal surfaces during processing.

4. Use of Erucamide Wax in the Textile Industry

Erucamide wax finds application in the textile industry as a lubricant and anti-static agent. It is used to make fibers and fabrics smoother and to enhance their durability. Erucamide wax also provides texture modification to fabrics, which results in a softer feel and decreased stiffness. It helps reduce the static charge buildup in synthetic fibers and fabrics, making them easier to process.

5. Use of Erucamide Wax in the Rubber Industry

Erucamide wax is widely used in the rubber industry as an internal lubricant and processing aid. It improves the extrusion properties of rubber compounds and reduces the compound's viscosity during processing. Erucamide wax also enhances adhesion properties and provides good surface tackiness to rubber products, such as seals, gaskets, and tires.


Erucamide wax is an indispensable ingredient in many industrial processes and plays a vital role in the manufacturing of various products. Its unique properties, including thermal stability, compatibility, and anti-blocking properties, make it an ideal choice for use in the plastic, paper, textile, and rubber industries. Erucamide wax's versatile nature and reliable performance have made it a favorite among industry players who need efficient, cost-effective, and safe chemical components for their processes.

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