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The Benefits of EBS Wax in Cosmetic Formulations

by:Sainuo     2023-07-20

The use of wax in cosmetic formulations has been a long-standing tradition in the beauty industry. Over the years, manufacturers have experimented with various types of wax to achieve different textures and hold in their products. Among these waxes, the popularity of EBS wax has been rapidly increasing. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of EBS wax in cosmetic formulations.

What is EBS wax?

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide (EBS) wax is a high-quality synthetic wax made from fatty acids derived from plant-based sources such as palm oil, rapeseed oil, and soybean oil. It is a solid, white, and odorless wax that has excellent emulsification, lubrication, and thickening properties. EBS wax is commonly used in various industries such as plastic, printing, and textile. Still, its emerging use in cosmetics is becoming extremely popular due to its unique properties.

Enhancing Emulsion Stability

Emulsions are widely used in cosmetic formulations for their ability to combine water-based ingredients and oil-based ingredients. When an emulsion is not stable, the oil and water in the product will separate, leading to an unappealing look and uneven application. EBS wax can enhance emulsion stability, creating an evenly blended product. Its excellent emulsifying properties improve the overall texture of the cosmetic product, providing a smooth feel on the skin.

Providing Longer Shelf Life

Cosmetic products that contain water can harbor bacteria and fungi, leading to spoilage. EBS wax has anti-microbial properties that prevent the growth of these microorganisms, resulting in longer shelf life. A long-lasting shelf life is an important factor in cosmetic products as it ensures product safety and confidence in the product's efficacy.

Improving Viscosity and Texture

EBS wax's thickening properties can significantly enhance cosmetic formulations' viscosity, resulting in smooth application and a pleasing texture. Cosmetics richly formulated with EBS wax feel creamy and luxurious. The thickening properties of EBS wax help in controlling the release of active ingredients, ensuring the product's maximum efficacy.

Offering Skin-Protecting Properties

EBS wax has a melting point between 131 – 140℉, making it an ideal component in cosmetic formulations. EBS wax has a wax-like texture that sits on the skin's surface, providing a protective layer that prevents the skin from losing moisture. Its lubricating properties also provide great slip and glide, creating an easy spread over the skin's surface and promoting skin hydration.

Balancing the pH

Cosmetic products that have the wrong pH level can cause irritation and even have a negative impact on the skin. EBS wax functions as a pH regulator, balancing the pH level in cosmetic formulations. When the pH level is balanced, the skin's resistance is increased, protecting it against harmful pollutants and irritants.

As with any cosmetic ingredient, it is essential to consider the safety of use. EBS wax is considered safe in cosmetic formulations with a maximum usage level of 15%. The product is stable and has no known health risks or environmental hazards.


EBS wax is an excellent ingredient used in cosmetic formulations due to its plethora of benefits it provides. It's an excellent emulsifier that enhances emulsion stability, prolongs the product's shelf life, and offers skin-protecting properties. Its thickening properties provide a pleasing texture and a luxurious feel on the skin. It also has pH regulating properties that provide excellent protecting effects from harmful pollutants and irritants. The versatility of EBS wax has made it an essential ingredient in many cosmetic products, ensuring efficacy, safety, and luxury.

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